Providing communities with clinics, dental care and hygiene services.


Health Clinics are a vital part of any self-sufficient community. Majority of countries around the world do not have free health care services. According to the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), half the world’s population cannot attain essential health services. Commonly, the majority of the world’s population must pay for basic health services. It is estimated that 800 million people spend 10% of their household budgets on health care.


Dental Clinic

In many parts of the world oral hygiene is neglected. This is mostly due to the lack of education surrounding oral health and due to the high cost of dental hygiene. It is estimated that oral diseases affect approximately half of the world’s population (3.58 billion), with tooth decay being the most common.

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Ambulance EMS

Ambulance service is a key component of the health service. A high-quality ambulance service is vital for any successful health department. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, particularly in low economically developed countries (LEDCs) the ambulance services are inadequate. This is mostly due to the lack of road infrastructure or poor quality of vehicles.


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